A New Perspective’s desire is to help people work out their differences in the best possible way. Mediation is a little different than counseling. In counseling, people want to reconcile their differences. In mediation, people do not want to reconcile their differences as much as resolve their differences. Mediation can take a lot of forms, people with legal issues, work issues, marriage issues, church staff and board issues, etc., anything that involves two parties not being able to work out their differences on their own and needing a neutral mediator to help them.

Unfortunately, that includes couples who are getting a divorce. We struggle with the idea of helping someone get a ‘good’ divorce and came to the conclusion since divorce is determined, we will help work out a solution that is best for them and their children. In some cases, we had the opportunity to influence the couple to do marriage counseling instead of mediation. However, there are some people who are set on getting a divorce with mediation they make decisions with my help.

In litigation, lawyers usually make the decisions. We appreciate lawyer’s work but their responsibility is to work for their particular client. A mediator’s responsibility is to remain neutral as they help the couple work out their differences in a way that treats one another well and doing what is best for the children.

Another advantage of mediation is that litigation is costly and time consuming, mediation is less expensive and usually takes 2-3 hours. Again, my desire is to help the couple reconcile their relationship and make it as strong as it can be for them and for the Lord, but if that doesn’t happen then being a peace maker is my next goal. We can honor the Lord even in bad situations by treating one another well. We are trained in both general and family (advanced) mediation in the state of Texas. If there is anything we can do for you in this area please let me know.

Church Church


Many times when churches face issues, it divides the church. Our desire is to help churches and the body of Christ work out their differences in such a way that they honor the Lord and treat one another well.

Disputable issues can include:

  • Staff Conflicts
  • Staff-Board Conflicts
  • Staff-Congregation Conflicts
  • Building Conflicts
  • Others
Family family


Abraham Lincoln said; “A Nation is only as strong as it’s families.” Likewise, a family is only as strong as the couple. Many times, families face issues that reach an impasse. Our desire is to help families honor the Lord as well as treat one another well.

Common issues include:

  • Husband-Wife Conflicts
  • Adoption Conflicts
  • Parent-Teen Conflicts
  • Parent-Child Conflicts
  • Divorce Conflicts
  • Other
Business Business


Many times, businesses struggle with resolving conflicts within the company. Our desire is to assist businesses to reach an agreement with minimal damage and financial loss.

Common disputes include:

  • Employment Conflicts
  • Partnership Conflicts
  • Coworker Conflicts
  • Other

If we can help you & your ministry in any way please contact us.