Life Courses
Life Courses

A Series of Preventative Topics

$25 per Person per Session


Fighting Fear fighting fear

Fighting Fear

What causes you fear? Does fear of what others think keep you from being authentically you? How about fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of losing those you love, fear of being really seen or heard? These are just a few of the fears we face as part of the human condition. Often we engineer smallness to keep us safe and secure to avoid fear, but there is a better way!

This four-week course will help you identify fear, gain tools and perspective that will help you make space for new, fearlessly real and brave you!

Perfection Myth Perfection

Perfection Myth

Is being perfect your goal most the time? Do you judge yourself harder than anyone else ever could? Do you compare yourself, your work and life to others? At the end of the day are your efforts ever deemed good ENOUGH? Do you ever beat yourself up and demand you should have done more? If so, this four-week course is for you! Come learn why perfection is beyond cognitive reach and gain a new way to live so that you love yourself well and not just your accomplishments.

You are enough, you just have to learn how to believe it!

Communication Connection Communication Connection

Communication Connection

We live in a world where clear communication is crucial. Whether it is with our spouse, coworkers, peers or whoever. In this 5-week study, we will learn how to communicate our thoughts and feelings clearly so they cannot be misunderstood and how to become effective listeners for those around us. We will learn not only through teaching, interaction, and discussion but also through practice and coaching.

Come and learn how to stay connected or to reconnect with your spouse as we learn together how to communicate effectively.

His needs her needs his needs her needs

His Needs Her Needs

We all have needs that we want our spouse to meet for us. In this 6-week study, we will learn the 10 basic needs that we all have and how to meet those needs in such a way that it strengthens our relationship with our spouse. We will learn not only through teaching, interaction, and discussion but also through one on one conversation with our spouse as well as practical homework assignments that will enhance our study.

Come join us as we learn our mates needs and how to meet those needs.

Search for Significance Search for Significance

Search for Significance

Everyone needs to feel valued, appreciated, and important. In this 4-week study, we will learn the lies that we tell ourselves that build up our significance in ways that only lead to disappointment and hurt. And we will learn new ways of determining our self-worth and self-esteem through healthy and godly means.

Come and join us as we grow together in developing our self-esteem the way God wants us too.

Personality Plus Personality Plus

Personality Plus

The way we interact with people can make or break our relationships. In this 4-week study, we will learn the different personality types and how to relate to them in every area of our lives. Whether in conflict, decision making, how to motivate them, how to disagree with them or anything else you might face. We will focus on three things. Understanding yourself, understanding others and developing your versatility.

Come and join us as we learn how to relate to others in a way that it builds healthy relationships.

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